Welcome to Adventure Eat Repeat, a blog about a young couple’s passion for adventure, travel, and all the good eats along the way.

Travel has always been a shared passion for us, but for the longest time it just seemed like another hobby or wild dream that we could hopefully do ‘one day’. Excuses constantly came up revolving around lack of money and time, or other plans (or lack there of) kept us from exploring as much as we’d like to. As the time passed we got caught up in trying to be responsible adults and doing everything that the world expected us to do. We were deeply rooted in the comforts of the ‘American Dream’ of owning a house, multiple cars, latest gadgets, full time jobs, and always trying to save for the future.  Travel pretty much fell off our priority list and became a once or twice a year thing to do around the holidays or special occasion, if we had the money and time off work to do so.

Our whole mindset changed after our first major international trip together to Thailand in January 2017. We instantly fell in love with the mystery of exploring new cultures, experiencing new foods, and all of the unpredictability and chaos that traveling entails. A couple months after we returned, we realized that something was missing or different in our daily lives.  We weren’t able to make the connection for a little while, but we eventually connected the dots… we’ve never felt so legitimately happy and free as we did on that one week trip over seas.  From then on, all we could think about in the passing months was how could we possibly sustain all those wonderful feelings of happiness from traveling and when our next trip would be.

Starting now, we are actively setting out to break the chain of monotony in our ordinary lives by choosing to live in the present and resetting to make travel and exploring our number one priority. Our childhood dreams of seeing the world have officially started to become a reality.

Please join us in our journey of planning for our future adventures, while we explore the here and now.

See you out there,

Adventure Eat Repeat