RTW Itinerary

In 2019, we are planning to travel around the world full-time.  Here’s our list of the top places we’d like to see, along with a very rough timeline and some key places and activities we’d like to visit and explore.  Nothing is locked down and our itinerary is bound to change.

As of yet, we haven’t decided to purchase a RTW Ticket to lock in our route or just go with the flow after making the first leg overseas.

Our budget for this adventure is ~$50/day average per person.  That includes accommodation, food, activities, overland travel, etc.  However, we are planning on earning and cashing out on travel miles for our major flights abroad.  We are expecting South East Asia and Eastern Europe to be considerably cheaper than Australia, Western Europe, and Russia and hopefully balance out budget-wise.

Goal: $50 day * 365 days * 2 people = $36,500/year or $3,000/mo


Tokyo, Japan (NRT) 2 weeks

  • Hiroshima

Philippines (Manila-MNL) 1 month – February


Auckland, New Zealand (AKL) 2 weeks – Early March


Cairns, Australia (CNS) 2 weeks – Late March

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Learn to Surf

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (DPS) 2 weeks – Early April


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (SGN) 2 weeks – Late April


Cambodia 2 weeks – Early May


Bangkok, Thailand 2 weeks – Late May


Beijing, China (PEK) 2 weeks – Early June

  • Great Wall of China

Trans-Siberian Railway: Beijing to Moscow 2 weeks – Late June


Moscow, Russia 2 weeks – Early July

  • Kremlin

Athens, Greece (ATH) 2 weeks – Late July

  • Acropolis

Rome, Italy (CIA) 2 weeks – Early August

  • Colosseum

Zagreb, Croatia (ZAG) 2 weeks – Late August



Munich, Germany 2 weeks – Mid September

  • Oktoberfest (mid-Sept thru first weekend Oct)

Barcelona, Spain (BCN) 2 weeks – Early October


Paris, France (ORY) 2 weeks – Late October

  • Catacombs

Reykjavik, Iceland (RKV) 2 weeks – Early November

  • Silfra fissure – Intercontinental Divide